Neil Kesterson

Audio Producer and Studio Owner

Hello, thank you for visiting my website. I'm an audio engineer and producer by trade. I own Dynamix Productions, a recording studio in Lexington, KY. I'm also an author of an industry guide for budding audio engineers and producers called, "Push the Right Buttons: A Practical Guide to Becoming and Succeeding as an Audio Engineer and Producer."

I produced a documentary called "The Beat of a Different Drummer: The Story of America's Last All-Female Military Band." My late aunt Jan Larson was in the band at the tail end of the Korean War. When she attended a 50th anniversary reunion, I quickly realized it would make a great subject for a documentary. It has played nationally and globally. It won a silver Telly, their highest honor. To purchase a DVD copy, visit the store here. If you wish to stream the documentary, visit Amazon here.

I'm also an avid photographer and camera collector. I occasionally write a blog about my experiences. My Flickr page has most of my current photos online. I also sell select photos on Etsy.

I'm a camera collector, mostly concentrating on mid-1950s German cameras and Japanese cameras from the mid-1950s to late 1980s. I occasionally sell gear on eBay here.

I also sell vintage magazine advertisements (and occasionally cameras) on Etsy. I specialize in automotive ads (especially 1960s muscle cars), but also have electronics, transportation, spirits, home, and campy ads. The collection covers the 1920s to 1980s.

And last but not least, the genealogy bug bit me a few decades ago. I've traced solid connections back past King Charlemagne, twisting through England and France on the way. My Scots-Irish ancestry is the heaviest, but it seems to be the hardest to trace. I have traced my Scottish heritage back to Clan Haig. My ancestor's grandson started the oldest surviving Scottish distillery, Haig, which can still be found on shelves today. I also have strong German and Welsh roots with a spattering of Norse, Swedish, and southern Africa. My public profile on Ancestry can be found here. For an interesting exploration into one of my ancestor's time in the Revolutionary War in Georgia, visit this Storymaps page.